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Name Ideas Package

Get name options. Find your brand.

Start your journey with an expertly curated selection of suitable brand name domains. We provide and help you select options, so you can concentrate on business.

Negotiation, acquisition or transaction

not included, but an optional next step.

1. Naming Brief

Complete our Naming Brief. Tell us about your business or brand. How do you want to position it? What are your brand's values? What type of feeling should your brand evoke? Describe your

ideal customers to us. Tell us about their needs, fears, and desires.

2. Name Ideas

We'll send you a carefully curated package of between 20 - 50

quality domain names, along with matching and attainable URLs.​


3. Written Report and Recommendation

You'll receive a written report containing all relevant notes on the names featured within package. We will also include a shortlist along with our professional recommendation as to which domain will best serve your business, and why.


4. Free Consultation

We'll provide a free 30 minute consultation, during which we will outline and discuss the potential options available to you. If you'd like to move forward at this stage, you'll have the option to order one or all of our Buy services. 

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