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Meet Your New Team.

Gregory co-founded following his realization that the majority domain name brokers provide an opaque, confusing and somewhat dishonest service for founders and CEOs -- who simply want to acquire the name they love, and not get stung along the way.

Gregory spent four years actively experimenting and establishing the most effective ways to navigate the notoriously and unnecessarily complex domain industry, repurposing and applying his extensive experience in investigative journalism along the way. 

He is now passionate about sharing what he has learnt, and offering this knowledge to companies that want to secure or enhance their brand and digital identities.

Kodie is passionate about helping brands secure the perfect name for their business.


Her extensive experience in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) has helped her broker over $890,000 USD

in domain name assets to date. Kodie has a proven track record in making fair, win-win deals that both parties can walk away feeling good about. started as a domain name investment firm, and we still hold a carefully curated portfolio of browsable domain name options right here.

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